Nacel Canada HSP., a not for profit organization and proud member of Nacel International, is dedicated to promoting international
understanding and language education. Since 1957, Nacel’s
programs have provided young people with the opportunity to
discover new things about themselves and the world around them.

Nacel’s programs bring people together to enhance cultural and
linguistic awareness and to promote international friendship and harmony. Nacel’s offices around the world recognize the
fundamental importance of adherence to a set of values based on respect for an individual regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin and social or financial status.

What does Nacel mean?
Nacel comes from the French word “nacelle,” which is the basket of a hot air balloon as displayed in our logo. Like the balloon explorers of long ago, our participants have a spirit of adventure, are eager to learn about others, and are open to discovering the value of cultural diversity.

Our Philosophy:
The future of our world depends on our youth. Young people need experiences in real life which complement their classroom learning and which help them to develop an awareness of their role as world citizens. Opportunities for learning about people must be easily
accessible and affordable to a wide range of people.

Experiencing the life of its people is the best way to become
acquainted with another country, its heritage and its values. Living with a family provides a warm, secure and relevant setting for
experiencing the culture of another country.

Communication is key to understanding the culture. A knowledge of the language people speak, an eagerness to improve communication skills and a curiosity for learning permit a greater level of
understanding. The friendships which result from the sharing of family life encourage continued communication, growth and better understanding of other people.


1. To promote international understanding through homestay
experiences and cultural tour programs. Our goal is to help people discard stereotypes and to discover the present realities of another culture.
2. To increase awareness of the importance of understanding other cultures and to stimulate interest in community support of language and global education.
3. To offer an opportunity for language students to learn first-hand about the culture of the country whose language they are studying and to improve their communication skills.
4. To provide well-formulated educational programs which offer
affordable opportunities to many students and families.
5. To make participation a rewarding experience for both students and families by providing preparation for participants, organized transportation, and a well-structured support network.

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