Terms & Conditions



Student Responsibilities

  1. Student is to respect and obey household rules, especially            concerning curfews and the operation of any household                 appliances [stove, washer & dryer etc]. Student must practice        regular personal hygiene, keep their room clean and be                    responsible for their own laundry [as instructed by their host family].       Student is responsible for the purchase of personal items such as shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.
  2. Always call or let your host family know if you will eat outside the home or be late for dinner. Do not hesitate to communicate clearly with your host family.       When you ask for or receive something, always say “Please” and “Thank You”.
  3. Student must keep host family informed of whereabouts at all times. Permission from the host family is required for any overnight stay.
  4. Student is not allowed to purchase tobacco or alcoholic                        beverages and must abide by all Canadian laws while in Canada.       Student is not to use drugs or medication unless prescribed by a registered physician. Student may not purchase or drive a vehicle without written permission from NCHSP.
  5. Student is responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused by their actions. The student must make compensation for such             incident promptly, following notification of the expense.
  6. Student must respect the use of host family telephone and                 Internet. Any long distance calls must be made Collect. If                     excessive use of Internet causes additional billing to host family, the student is expected to pay for the difference.
  7. If the student requires homestay relocation [to a 3rd or                         subsequent HF] it is at the expense of the student. The fee payable for each relocation is $200 Canadian Dollars (CDN).
  8. All students must carry medical insurance whether it is provided privately or by the school board.  In either case, Nacel Canada HSP requires proof of health insurance coverage.
  9. Student will make email contact with Host Family before coming to Canada.

Other Terms and Conditions

Nacel Canada HSP Inc. shall operate a Homestay Program in Canada subject to the applicable regulations of the Canadian Immigration Services.

We understand that sometimes, unexpected circumstances occur that may necessitate a refund. In all cases, the following policy will apply. All requests for refund must be made in writing and sent to Nacel Canada HSP Inc. to the attention of Lois Morrow via email to lmorrow@nacelcanada.org or by Fax to 1-780-465-7583

1.0 REFUND for Cancellation Prior to Arrival or for Visa Denial

1.1 REFUND due to Student Visa Denial

Students, who cannot obtain their student visa to Canada, whatever the reason, will be given a FULL REFUND of all fees received, less $500 CDN.

To obtain refund, a request in writing must include the letter of              refusal from Canadian Immigration.

1.2 Students who cancel 30 days or More prior to arrival date will be given a FULL REFUND of all fees received, less the non-refundable portion of $1,000 CDN.

1.3 Students who cancel 29 days or Less before arrival date will given a FULL REFUND of all fees received, less the non-refundable portion of $1,000 CDN, plus one (1) month’s homestay host                    allowance.

2.0 Cancellation After Arrival

2.1 Students who must cancel after arrival to Canada will be given a PARTIAL REFUND based on the unused portion of homestay host allowance. In all cases, a 4-week stipend allowance penalty will be assessed.

3.0 Dismissal from the Program

3.1 NO REFUND will be granted to a student who is dismissed from the program due to faulty documents, a breach of law, policy or             regulation as determined by the Government of Canada, the Police, Nacel Canada Homestay Program Inc. and/or the student’s School or School Board.

4.0 Deposit and Final Payment TermsAll Fees in Canadian Dollars

4.1 Fees Required during Application Process:

Application Fee                                               $250                                                            Required with application   {credit card preferred}

Confirmation of Placement Fee          $1,300                                                          Required after placement complete

Custodianship Fee                                           $350 (if applicable)                   Required with application

Airport Transfers $100 each                     $200 (if applicable)                   Required with final portion

Homestay and Monitoring Fee   $depends on program length                  Required with final portion

4.2   Final portion items noted in 4.1 are payable no less than thirty (30) days prior to arrival.

4.3 Option to SPLIT FINAL PAYMENT is available for a fee of $250 CDN. This option is only available for 10 month programs. This             option allows the participant to reduce the Final Portion Payable [4.2] and pay one half of the total homestay and monitor fee on or before the end of the January.

5.0 Extension of Homestay Program

Students who wish to return for another year must notify NCHSP in writing, 60 days prior to end of stay. Private arrangements for placement are discouraged. Appropriate fees will be invoiced upon receipt of written request for extension. Final Portion payable no less than thirty (30) days prior to return arrival.

5.1 Return [same host family]         $1,000                                                               Required with extension request {credit card preferred}

5.2 Return [new host family]           $1,200                                                              Required with extension request {credit card preferred}

Custodianship Fee                                  $350 (if new request)                          Required with extension request

Airport Transfers $100 each           $200 (if applicable)                                    Required with final portion

Homestay and Monitoring Fee   $depends on program length                  Required with final portion

Homestay & Academic Support